CRT Meeting Minutes – 9/13/15

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CRT Meeting Minutes - 9/13/15

Congregational Resourcing Team Meeting – Sept. 13, 2015 at 4 pm

Members present: Wylene Lengel, Judy Wrightsman, Gloria Price, Terri Torres
Members absent: Barb Flory, Cathy Patrick, Dale Minnich

The meeting opened with sharing of joys and concerns and prayer.

New members Terri and Barb were welcomed.

We will confirm with Barb if a church has volunteered to take on the planning for the women’s retreat.

Wylene will prepare contracts for the children and youth coordinators and send them. Wylene will forward Laura Snyder’s inquiry about funds for children’s events at The Gathering to the planning committee. (An email was received later from the planning committee that Laura’s request for $200 to $300 would be approved by that team.)

An article for the $5000 in matching funds from Brethren Disaster Ministries was published on the website on Sept 10. Wylene will publish an article about the results of the Project Unlimited Auction also.

Wylene shared with the CRT her recent discussion with Jana Goering regarding the Project Unlimited Auction 2015. The donated amounts were down a bit from last year. Some rules regarding the auction will be put into place. These include:
• Donated items will include produce, handcrafted items, baked items, home canned items
• Garage sale items will not be accepted
• Items with a reserve will not be accepted
• Keep the item number on the item during the auction
• Limit group auctioned items to no more than three
• Close off traffic after the silent auction is completed

The group will send a thank you to Jana for all her work on the auction.

Judy Wrightsman would like ideas for a speaker for the women’s breakfast for 2016. Wylene will send summary of the women’s retreat evaluations to her for some ideas.

Terri Torres has an email list and is acquiring ideas of how to get the message of peace out.

Gloria Price is seeking ideas of how to evaluate study curriculum. Ideas were to put a survey on the Western Plains website, make phone calls, or hold workshops in different areas.

The group did a little brainstorming on visions for current activities and events.
• Produce energized people by providing good programming
• Promote relationships
• Touch more people, e.g. broaden our reach to more people
• Attract younger women to the events, e.g. women’s retreat (Do we need to offer childcare?)

We also brainstormed new ideas for activities.
• A day of music event
• A new venue or option for men’s retreat to increase participation
• Emmaus Walk
• A silent retreat of some type, or other event to meet different needs

Next meeting Oct. 11 at 4 pm.

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