Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams – These teams – something like the former District Board Commissions – work at area-by-area planning but with greater continuity of assignment and not requiring all members to attend the “board” meetings. These teams are chaired by the Leadership Team members.

These Teams are:

  • Gifts Discernment Team – leads in discerning and calling qualified persons to assignments in areas of their spiritual gifts, passion, and experience to carry out District ministries.
  • Communications Team – newsletter, website, directory, the use of and training for emerging media and technologies.
  • Congregational Resourcing Team – congregational life needs, including youth program, disaster response, BVS promotion, peace advocacy, Christian education, men/women’s retreats, deacon ministry.
  • Set-Apart Ministry Team – credentialing of ministers, advocacy for pastoral call and for pastoral support and development, ethics training, and overview of EFSM and TRIM training
  • New Church Development Team – advocacy of new church development, relationships with new church development projects and leaders.
  • Outdoor Ministries Team – relationships with camp boards, promotion of camping, naming of camp managers and camp leaders, recommending curriculum, and long-range planning and financial oversight of camping programs.
  • Stewardship Team – financial overview and reporting, property management, risk management, supervision of Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and stewardship education.
  • Training Team – coaching network, pastor/leader training, and other events