CRT Meeting Minutes – 1/10/16

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CRT Meeting Minutes - 1/10/16

The team met Jan 10 at 4 pm via teleconference.

Members present: Wylene Lengel, Judy Wrightsman
Members Absent: Barbara Flory, Dale Minnich, Cathy Patrick, Terri Torres, Gloria Price

Wylene Lengel opened with a short devotion and prayer.

Wylene Lengel reported that she was in contact with Frances Oltman regarding replacing Cathy Patrick, Judy Wrightsman, and Laura Snyder for the next term. Frances informed the team that it was the responsibility of the team to replace Laura Snyder as the Children’s Coordinator. Thus, Wylene had contacted Sarah Hendricks as a potential replacement and Sarah will not be able to fill the position. The team will continue to pursue a replacement.

Wylene Lengel reported that she has secured Troy Wedel as the auctioneer for the Projects Unlimited Auction for July 30th.

A report from Terri Torres was reviewed regarding her communication with Michael Himlie for Biking for Peace.

Judy Wrightsman reported that she had reviewed the list of names for the Women’s Breakfast. It was decided that a local person might work well. Wylene Lengel will contact Elsie Holderread and see if she has any interest in speaking.

Next meeting will be Feb 14 at 4 pm via teleconference.

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