MINUTES: Communications Vision Fulfillment Team, 26 Jan. 2014

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MINUTES: Communications Vision Fulfillment Team, 26 Jan. 2014

January 26, 2014

Present by Google Hangout: Bruce Clary (Chair), Kendra Flory (Staff Rep), Eric Goering, Peter Samland. Absent: Ryan Goering.

District Newsletter Proposal

  • Bruce presented the newsletter proposal TVT on their conference call in January. There were some concerns expressed, but there was unanimous support for moving forward in the following ways:
    • Communicate with churches regarding the newsletter change and educate them about the reasons for the change. This will be sent by snail mail.
    • Mailing will include a cover letter (Bruce will write) regarding this action by TVT as well as a copy of the proposal and an insert they can put in their bulletins to inform their congregations. It will encourage them to help expand the email list for the District. Kendra will send out the mailing. The deadline we set for the switch to all digital is September 1.
  • Peter suggested that we have a system for people to opt-in for the newsletter vs. opting out. We should look at an opt-in campaign for the District newsletter.
  • How do we provide the print option for the newsletter? Bruce suggested we talk with Darren Hendricks the McPherson Church of the Brethren’s approach to this. It is a WordPress plugin. All you have to do is go to the website, set the date range you would like, and print.

Congregation Survey Update

Bruce noted there has been an underwhelming response to the survey: Monitor, Quinter, Buckeye, Prairie View, Eden Valley, and Hutchinson Community.

  • Buckeye would be glad to have help with getting a website going.
  • Monitor would like help setting up a projector
  • Quinter would like help expanding their knowledge of the web and media.
  • Hutch Community might want help with choosing a new equipment (projector/wireless mics?)
  • Bruce will send these responses to Eric and Ryan so they can assess how we might help these congregations.

Website Training

The face-to-face TVT meeting is going to be in Quinter, so we will need to rethink when we might have a face-to-face training. We need to work on videos for training (how to log in; how to post materials; [other?])


Kendra asked about possibilities for District conference registration to be online. Bruce suggested a form service called Wufoo (WordPress plug-in) The information that is submitted online can be exported to Excel. Kendra and Bruce will get together at some point to put this form online.

Next meeting was originally set for Sunday, February 23, 9pm Central, by Google Hangout. It was changed to March 2, same time and place.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendra Flory

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