What is World Café?

The World Café process is a way to tap the wisdom of a large group of people by leading through a series of questions in rotating table configurations. After responding to question 1, people will advance to another table for question 2 where there is to be no one who was in their previous group. And again, participants advance to another table for question 3. The process encourages personal story-telling, aspirational musings, and openness to hearing others’ stories and perspectives. One benefit of this process will be to provide data feedback for future planning. 

Those who have previously worked with the World Café process report that participants find it very enjoyable and rewarding. There will be blank paper spread out on each table for note-taking along with snacks to inspire your creativity. Look forward to some fun!!

Again, remember we are looking for non-delegates as well as delegates to contribute to this experience. We will start the first session Friday afternoon promptly at 1:00 in Mingenback Hall on the McPherson College campus. 

Come and join us and get your two cents worth into the process.