What’s the point of a focus group?

Published on May 18th, 2022 by wpd-office | 0

You may have been hearing about focus group meetings being held around the district.
Three have been completed, three are yet to go. If your congregation has already been
represented at one of these meetings, thank you for participating. If you’ve not yet been
involved, look for an opportunity at Holmesville (May 21) Olathe (May 22) or Prairie View (June 4). Some of these sessions will be available on Zoom.


These meetings are a product of nearly 6 months of planning by something we’ve come to call the DnA Team “Discovery ‘n Action.” It is a planning process that is focused on the future of the Brethren in the Western Plains, where we can be reframing and re-energizing who we are and how we can transform that energy into action plans that give voice to Jesus in the neighborhood.


Some have expressed reticence with the fact that these sessions begin with asking participants’ reactions to a proposed purpose statement. The question, some will ask, is what we’re doing here if the answer is largely a done deal already? The reason it’s not a done deal is that the proposed purpose statement is
(a) still subject to input from district members and (b) is only step one of what is projected to be at least a 5 step process. We’re hoping to gather information related to multiple pieces of the process, not just to the first step. There may be more feedback sessions like these as we move toward later stages.


What does the bigger picture look like?

  • A purpose statement tries to articulate what the paramount point of our faith
    community is.
  • Next comes a statement of core values that drive our belief system toward vision
    and mission.
  • Out of values comes a broad process of visioning toward our preferred future
  • Rooted in the vision is a mission, requiring the articulation of more specifics in a
    mission statement reflecting what we discern God wants us to do.
  • So far the above has no action planning in it. That’s the last step – plans for action.
    That’s what the “A” is in the DnA acronym. In these sessions we are attempting to
    discover our purpose, values, vision, and mission in order to put wheels on them, an
    action plan.


Planning for intentional community is work, takes time and requires involvement in order to be sustainable. If you’ve not yet been involved, please check focus group information on the district website and click the link at the bottom of the article to see where remaining meetings are to be held. If you want to join by Zoom, please e-mail the session leader or floryl@sbcglobal.net since we’ll need to e-mail back a specific Zoom link for the meeting you want to join. There is also the possibility that we will schedule additional meetings after district conference if there are more people who have not had a chance for input. Your voice and your congregation’s voice are very important to our district family’s life and

work together.



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