Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is the elected guiding group for district vision, mission and program.  Its membership consists of the chair of each of the ministry teams in addition to its own chair, secretary, and several ex-officio members (see links to the right).

Since 2008 the Western Plains District has gone through a series of experiments, at times suspending operating procedures in favor of trying new approaches to expedite work of the district and its volunteer leadership and staff. This process culminated with the 2017 District Conference approval of a new Constitution and Bylaws. Under the modified structure formalized in those documents, the Leadership Team is designated as “trustees” of the district, the ones legally responsible for its mission and actions.

Through this period of experimentation and invention, the guiding principle has been to focus on how we can be a transformational and transforming community of believers and servers, to help us live out our vision and to utilize our spiritual gifts and human resources more effectively. The new structure does not change the role of District Conference as the primary governing body of the Church of the Brethren in Western Plains.


Documents for Understanding the District Structure
The Constitution is relatively short and self-explanatory and sets the basic legal framework for the district.  The Bylaws are more detailed.  Below the link to the Bylaws is a guide to help reach specific sessions directly:

  • Constitution
  • WPD Bylaws
    District Conference structure, officers, and their duties (pp 1-5)
    Leadership Team (pp 5-8)
    Ministry Teams (pp 8-13)
    Other Teams and Committees (pp 14-15)
    District Personnel (pg 15)
    General corporate and legal stuff (pp 15-16)
    Relationships with partner organizations (pp 16-17)


Recent Policies Adopted by Leadership Team


Guidelines for Churches choosing to withdraw from the Church of the Brethren
0-Congregational Withdrawal – Best Practices

0-Denominational Leadership Response to the CBC

0-Responding to a Congregation Considering Withdrawal



Please see the expense voucher for Leadership & Ministry Team members below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the District Office at office@wpcob.org or 620-241-4240. 



Women’s Retreat

Western Plains District Women’s Retreat will be held April 17-19, 2020 at the Crosswinds Conference Center in Hesston, Kan. Plan now to attend a wonderful retreat sponsored by the First Central and Olathe Churches! Women’s Retreat Brochure-Registration

Jr. High Youth Rally

The District Jr. High Youth Rally will be held once again at Community CoB in Hutchinson (1600 N. Severance St. Hutchinson, Kan.), beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12 and going through noon on Sunday, April 14.

Peace Corner

I find it difficult to create my own articles about peace issues, but it is relatively easy to find many other sources that have strong and inspiring words to share. I came across this article on Valentine’s Day and thought it worth sharing with all of you. Blessings and Peace – Terri WPD Peace & … read on

Peace Advocacy in the Western Plains

Once again, I find the writings of one of my favorite bloggers, Derek Maul, appropriate for expressing a vision of peace. Following is an excerpt from his Advent devotional booklet, “In My Heart I Carry a Star.”   “And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High; for you will go before … read on

WPD Workers Serve in Puerto Rico, More Needed

WPD Workers Serve in Puerto Rico, More Needed

David and Jane Sampson spent the first two weeks of November serving with Brethren Disaster Ministries in Castener, Puerto Rico. In January, Ric and Trudy Racine of Topeka will go for two weeks, and in March, Dean Holloway, Bud and Susan Taylor of McPherson and Curtis Rink of Wichita are scheduled. Jane reports a wonderful … read on

The Blessedness of Waiting

The Blessedness of Waiting

The “Blessedness of Waiting” Good friendships are rare.  A 2015 Psychology Today article, “The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends,” suggests three broad categories to consider: integrity, caring, and congeniality. In these areas reside qualities that foster healthy relationships, qualities that include empathy, loyalty, trustworthiness and dependability. Religion in general is guilty of hijacking these … read on

Peace Advocacy in the Western Plains

Being Peace Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation from Thursday, August 23, 2018 From the Center for Action and Contemplation Paul Knitter has been an activist for peace and justice since the 1980’s. He is inspired by Engaged Buddhism, a term coined by Thich Nhat Hanh, which brings insights from Buddhist practice and teaching to social, political, … read on

The Gathering

Please read the following note from Darrell Barr, Chair of the Training Team (which oversees the Gathering) as well as Chair of the Gathering Planning Team. Announcement of Gathering Conclusion   This is an event that has brought blessing to our entire district over the years, it will be missed!    

Camp Colorado Announces Work Camp/Annual Meeting

Camp Colorado Announces Work Camp/Annual Meeting

Camp Colorado Board Announces Annual Meeting The Brethren Leadership Foundation (d/b/a Camp Colorado, Inc.) announces its Annual Meeting of the membership to be held on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 at approximately 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time at Camp Colorado.  The primary agenda items are the Annual Report, Financial Report, and the Nomination/Election of new Board members.  The … read on

Brethren Disaster Ministries Update

Brethren Disaster Ministries Update

The St. Thomas Virgin Islands disaster recovery project has scheduled three work periods: June 17-30, September 9-22, and December 2-15.    There are 12 spots open each of the 2-week periods for volunteers from all districts on a first come basis. Housing, transportation, tools and meals will be provided during these 2-week time periods. Volunteers … read on