Remembrance of Gerald Neher

Published on May 30th, 2015 by wpd-office | 0

Gerald Neher (84), member of the McPherson (Kan.) congregation, died on May 25. He and his wife Lois were Church of the Brethren mission workers in Nigeria 1954-1968, serving in Chibok and at Kulp Bible School. While at Chibok, they helped expand the size of the school building, making it possible for the first girls to attend the school. Gerald studied the Chibok people extensively and published the book “Life Among the Chibok of Nigeria” in 2011.

Gerald’s memorial service was held at the McPherson church on May 30. A Church of the Brethren remembrance can be found in Brethren Bits of the May 27 issue of Newsline.

Please be in prayer for the Neher family.

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