Register for Annual Conference!

Published on Mar 27th, 2013 by wpd-office | 0

Western Plains Congregations!

Just a reminder to get your Annual Conference delegate(s) registered for the 2013 conference in Charlotte, N.C.! Go to the Annual Conference website to get started!   Each congregation west of the Mississippi that sends a delegate to Annual Conference will receive a $150 travel stipend. Continue reading for more information….

At last summer’s Annual Conference report of the Revitalization Task Force, they recommended to Program and Arrangements Committee that a $150 travel scholarship be available to each delegate west of the Mississippi River. P & AC has approved that and wants to begin this summer with the Charlotte Annual Conference.

A check will be sent to each congregation west of the Mississippi who sends a delegate to the 2013 Annual Conference.  After it has been confirmed that the delegate checked in at the Charlotte delegate registration desk, a check be sent to that congregation.  So it will be July before the congregation receives their $150 reimbursement per delegate they send.


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