Opportunity to Serve through literature

Published on Apr 24th, 2017 by wpd-office | 0

The work-camp ministry is holding a book drive for Flint, MI. We are going on a work-camp there this summer and plan to distribute books on the 4th of July. The water crisis impacted all areas of life, including literacy. Since the ingestion of lead in children can negatively affect mental and physical development, many fear it could affect a student’s educational career. So we are trying to promote reading and combat possible effects. Additionally, the area has suffered a large population influx due to the closing of automotive industries, resulting in the closure of 37 schools in the past 20 years.

We are looking for children’s books, birth-elementary to be sent to our on-site coordinator:

Bill Hammond:  511 Copeman Blvd, Flint, MI 48503

Thank you so much for your interest and helping us promote this project!                                                                                                  We really appreciate your support.


Shelley Weachter           

Assistant Workcamp Coordinator                                                                              sweachter@brethren.org                                                                                                 Office:  847-429-4328


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