Ministry updates

Published on Sep 14th, 2015 by wpd-office | 0
Ministry updates

Congratulations and blessings to the following ministers as they celebrate long-time ministries and begin new ministries and steps in their lives!

  • T.A. Butler, of the Prairie View Church of the Brethren, Friend, Kan. was licensed to ministry on July 19.
  • On August 30, the Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren, Littleton, Colo., celebrated with Pastor Jeff Neuman-Lee in his retirement from ministry with the congregation. Jeff will continue his ministry at Whittier Community Church in Denver.
  • The Mont Ida Church of the Brethren will host a celebration in honor of Kenneth Davidson, who will be retiring as pastor. All are invited to the celebration to take place Sunday, September 20, 2:30-6:00pm at the Mont Ida church, located 7 miles west of Garnett, Kan., 7th St. (1600 Rd.); and 3 miles south on Indiana Rd to corner of 1300 Rd. Ken and wife Dorothy will move to McPherson, Kan. this fall.
  • Vernon Yoder will begin as pastor at the Mont Ida Church of the Brethren on October 4.



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