KonXions in Western Plains

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From Nov/Dec 2013 issue of The Shepherd’s Voice

KonXions is coming! Congregations from Western Plains (and a couple from neighboring districts) are hard at work right now considering their invitation to participate in a congregational visit exchange planned for this Spring. Participating congregations will be paired and each will prepare to receive a visit from several members of their partner congregation. In turn each will call 2-5 persons to represent their church as a visit team to their as-signed partner. Conversations about the invitations have been lively and we look forward to a series of stimulating and affirming visits—and a chance to build a new relationship with another congregation. Training sessions for visitors are planned in four regional locations in March.

Congregations are asked to indicate their interest in participation and to provide the names of the persons called to serve as visitors by February 1.Please be in touch with the District Office or Dale Minnich, the KonXion design team chair (dale@minnichnet.org) to indicate a response or to ask for any needed additional information.


From Mar/Apr 2014 issue of The Shepherd’s Voice

KonXion visits underway. Congregational visit exchanges began on May 4 for a total of 22 congrega-tions (including two from neighboring districts) under Western Plains’ KonX-ion emphasis. The project is intended to build relationships across congrega-tional lines and to help congregations appreciate their unique perspective and values. Visits are to be completed by the end of June.

Congregational visit pairs include First Central and Messiah (MO); Washington and Olathe; Scott Valley and Independence; Osage and Mont Ida; McPherson and Wichita; Newton and Monitor; Quinter and Hutchinson Community; Eden Valley and Big Creek (OK); Bethel, CO and Living Light of Peace; Tok’ahookaaadi (Lybrook, NM) and Haxtun; and Peace Community and Prince of Peace.

Regional meetings for evaluation, story-telling and celebration will be held in Independence, McPherson, Topeka and Denver on July 12. And there will be stories to share at District Conference!

The planning team for the project is Sandee Kitzel, Sonja Griffith, Mike Burr, Keith Funk and Dale Minnich under the sponsorship of the Transformation Training team.

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