Jesus In The Neighborhood

Published on Sep 8th, 2022 by wpd-office | 0
We are a New Testament people. That means that Jesus is the center.
We Brethren have known about the tag line for some time:

“Another Way of Living: Continuing the Work of Jesus.
Simply. Peacefully. Together.” 

This claim is to remind us that the authority of all that pertains to life is Christ—He is the way, the truth and the life for the Kingdom of God. He is God with us! The season that is before us reminds us of that reality. It is a season for renewal and affirming who we are as the Body of Christ.

Do we believe and live this in worship, in discipleship formation, in prayer, in meeting Jesus in the Neighborhood?

Has our faith and practice become anemic expressions of what we can do to get by in witness and service rather than to be the fullest expression (Image of Christ) in our congregation’s community and world?

JR Woodward in a book entitled, Creating a Missional Culture, addresses the issue in this way:

“…conversion is necessary for every man and woman who does not live under the reign of God. It is not enough for people to give mental assent to a certain set of facts without a concern for personal and global transformation. While there is a moment when people move from death to life, having placed their faith in the person and work of Christ, an undue emphasis on this event alone coupled with an anemic understanding of the gospel can stunt the process of genuine transformation. The good news is an invitation to “switch stories” and join God in the renewal of all things, which includes our own redemption. God gives us a new identity and new life in Christ so we might be a blessing to the world. That is what grace is all about. It is by grace through faith that we are enabled to live out our missional calling in the world for the sake of the world in the way of Christ.”

So, our conversion as persons and the church to the story of the Kingdom of God is essential. Knowing that the season ahead reminds us that God is with us, how might we in a new year see God’s story in Jesus Christ as another way of living?
  • Will we give more energy and committed time in living under the authority of Christ?
  • Will we spend time reading the Gospels for more clarity about the way, the truth, the life of the Kingdom of God that we represent here on earth?
  • Could we commit to praying the Lord’s Prayer every day?
  • Will we practice the embodied love of Christ toward one another and the community we live in?
  • Would we commit to change our political language from conservative and liberal to “We are the Body of Christ” it is He to whom we will pledge our allegiance.

May Advent and Christmas be not just another season, holiday or consumer event!
Let it be a time in which we are renewed to live for the Glory of God and our Neighbors good.
Interim District Executive Minister, Randall Yoder



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