Early Christian Meal at Hutchinson Church

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An Early Christian Meal will be held on the evening of Good Friday, April 3, 6:30 p.m. at Hutchinson Community Church of the Brethren, 1600 N. Severance St. Hutchinson, Ks. Space is limited, so please make your reservations by Palm Sunday morning. A donation of $6 per person is requested but not required. You may make a reservation or obtain more information by calling either June Switzer (620-728-5810) or Terri Torres (620-960-0523). When tickets are gone a waiting list will be created. Checks should be made payable to Community Church of the Brethren and tickets will be held for you.

Because this is a somber and reflective experience, it may not be suitable for your younger children. Use your judgment. Child care will be provided for children through third grade, but you must let the office know when making your reservations, so adequate supervision can be provided. We request that children who come to the meal plan to stay through the entire experience or else be in childcare for the entire evening. Children not attending the Early Christian Meal will need to bring a sack supper or eat before coming.

Recreating that Night

“When they finished mocking him, they removed the purple robe from his back and returned his own clothes to him. Then they led him out to be crucified.” Mark 15:20

Take yourself back to that day. Jesus, your Lord, your Savior, your Healer, your Brother, your Teacher, your Friend, has just been crucified, put to death in a most cruel and excruciating way. Just a week ago, things seemed so good – people were singing and praising, the sick were being touched and healed, lives changed – and suddenly he is gone. It is over. What is it about this man that touched so many? Why is his death so troubling? How would you have felt on that night?

This is the night that will be recreated at the Early Christian Meal. Those of us who have known Jesus will gather together in a time of sorrow, doubt, reflection, worship, questioning, mourning. In the crowd will be people we may recognize from our own experiences, people like Peter, or Mary Magdalene, or Zaccheus. They, with us, will recall their experiences with Jesus and share their feelings on this evening. Followers will recall the last supper and remember Christ’s words in the sharing of the bread and the wine. The setting and mood will be one of worship and reflection as we share a traditional meal of the time and as we remember Christ’s influence on each of our lives. As a follower of Jesus, you are invited to share in this special experience.

We look forward to sharing this meaningful experience with you.

Terri Torres and June Switzer
Early Christian Meal Coordinators
Hutchinson Community Church of the Brethren

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