CRT Meeting Minutes – 10/11/15

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CRT Meeting Minutes - 10/11/15

Congregational Resourcing Team Meeting – Oct. 11, 2015 at 4 pm

Members present: Dale Minnich, Terri Torres, Wylene Lengel
Members Absent: Barbara Flory, Judy Wrightsman, Cathy Patrick, Gloria Price

Wylene opened with a short devotion and prayer.

Frances from the Gifts Discernment team needs to know by December who will roll off our team after this next year. Terri Torres is willing to stay on, but needs to know if Joanna Smith will be back on the team, since Terri is fulfilling Joanna’s spot while Joanna fulfils the moderator role this year. Wylene will make contacts and find out.

Stella Wilson from the Independence church will hand out quilt materials at The Gathering for the District quilt for the Projects Unlimited Auction.

Wylene shared communication about the Enders church needing support and prayers since their church building is in need of demolition after storm damage.

Wylene sent Jana Goering a thank you card and gift certificate from our team for all the work she did on the Projects Unlimited Auction this year.

Laura Snyder has signed her position agreement for The Gathering.
Shawn Flory Replogle has signed his agreement for this next year. So we still need signatures from Ken Frantz and Sonja Griffith on it. Sampson’s have not signed yet, but it is just coordinating with them. Wylene will continue to pursue.

Dates for the women’s retreat were discussed. 4/21/17 to 4/23/17 or 3/31/17 to 4/2/17. Wylene did contact Barbara Flory after this meeting and Barbara will contact the Hesston facility about availability.

Terri will continue discussions with Michael Himlie about coordinating Western Plains District events with Biking for Peace. He is a fundraiser on the Christian Peacemaker Team.

Next team meeting:  Nov. 8 at 4 pm

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