Camp Mt. Hermon welcomes new managers

Published on Mar 17th, 2016 by wpd-office | 0

We would like to introduce Camp Mt. Hermon’s new managers beginning in the 2016 season. They are Gary and Lynnette Abbott, members of the Topeka Church of the Brethren. Gary and Lynnette are parents of four grown children. They come to us with glowing recommendations, histories, and qualifications. Together they have checked off all of the skills on our application form. Some skills both possess.

Gary is a self-employed roofing contractor and has been for his entire adult career. He has coached young people in sports in and out of the school system. He is very skilled in all aspects of the building industry.

Lynnette holds master’s degrees in both Culinary Arts and Early Childhood Counseling. She has some training in marriage counseling as well. She teaches Culinary Arts in the Oskaloosa school system and is a counselor for the early grades in the same school district.

Lynnette, at least, hears this as a call of God. I also sense this to be a “God thing”. The Abbotts have already hit the ground running. They have a vision for promoting the camp. They live in the area and know it well. They also bring with them a dream or dreams for the future of the camp. Your board of directors will be working to propose a long range plan of operation for Camp Mount Hermon. Lynnette and Gary’s vision may be part of this.

We look forward to getting acquainted with and working with the Abbotts in this capacity.

In the same breath we express our gratitude to all who have gone before. Most recently this thanks goes to Dorothy (and likely Kenneth) Davidson for tireless service in this capacity.

For Camp Mt. Hermon and the Board of Directors,
Larry L. Ditmars, vice chairperson

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