Art at District Conference 2013

Published on Nov 20th, 2012 by wpd-office | 0

Think about what light does in a dark room! The residents of New York and New Jersey in these last days have thought much about that! When one cannot have light or can have light powered by a generator only for as long as there is enough fuel for the generator, one appreciates light in a new way. Then, when the power lines are restored, and that first beam transforms the dark into the visible, the possible, the beautiful, the transformative power of light is unquestioned.

Ken Davidson, the 2013 Western Plains Moderator, has chosen the theme for the District Conference to be held July 26-28 at McPherson College. Are you ready?! The theme will be “Transformed by the Light of Christ”!

The Planning Committee hopes very much that each person will explore the transforming action of Christ’s light in his or her life. So they are issuing an invitation to the people of the district to bring their concepts of this theme to life in artwork. For now, begin thinking how you might portray that theme—“Transformed by the Light of Christ”—and make it visible and meaningful to the people of the Church of the Brethren in Western Plains.

As the Planning Committee continues it work, they will give further details. The Committee is excited about the possibility of having all of your art work, perhaps in a variety of forms, to be at the Conference! You are invited!!!


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