Moving Forward with Technology in 2013-14

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Moving Forward with Technology in 2013-14

Our 2013-2014 moderator, Terri Fox Torres, allowed the Communications Vision Fulfillment Team 30 minutes on the agenda of our recent Transformation Vision Team retreat. During that time, we asked those present two questions:
1. How can you and your team use this website to help transform the Western Plains District?
2. How can WPD use other technology to transform the district?

Here are the answers provided in response to Question 1:


(Note: Kendra and Sonja are already doing several of the things in the following list.)

  • Keep district calendar up-to-date for a year in advance to facilitate advance planning
  • Link website to district Facebook page
  • Seek input from other sources from the outside world that would benefit all God’s people
  • Post info for Gathering, KonXion, pastor/leader training events
  • Create a resource page for pastors and congregations
  • Post all forms for easy download. Or, better yet, convert all forms to online forms to minimize need for completing and mailing paper forms.
  • Create a FAQs page
  • Archive newsletters
  • Create a prayer section?
  • Post transformation vision team minutes so vision fulfillment team members can see them
  • Notify TVT and VFT members when there is new information on the website
  • Put link to website on all printed district materials
  • Ask churches to print URL for district website in bulletin every week


  • Perhaps post articles, particularly about theme as district conference approaches

Outdoor Ministries

  • Post all scheduled events, but most importantly, encourage inviting young people to attend camping experiences.
  • Post meeting minutes
  • Notify district of the need for camp leadership

New Church Development

  • Post a question/statement seeking communication with interested individuals or congregations needing a church plant or replant (or an individual desiring to plant a church)
  • Post updatea on the Ukraine ministry

Gifts Discernment

  • Provide a way for gifts of persons to be noted. A way people could “note” someone in their church who has a talent that should be called out
  • Putting out a “call” for potential names to fill a position on the Vision Fulfillment Team/Transformation Vision Team

Congregational Resourcing

  • Writing opinion pieces
  • Posting informational/educational materials, such as Dale Minnich’s introduction to the district structure
  • Reporting on congregational transformation

Ministry Team

  • List licensed ministers
  • List ordained ministers
  • Access interview guides
  • Communicate with licensed ministers about relicensing, etc.
  • Create/link to helps for spiritual growth and development for ministry leaders
  • Sign up to pray for one another



  • Financial reports
  • Budgets
  • District financial policies
  • Forms
  • Financial needs

Here are ideas submitted in response to Question 2: How can the WPD use technology other than the website to transform the district?

  • Train the vision teams to use technology to bring members together, despite the distances separating them
  • Help churches with audiovisual technology
  • Use livestreaming to enable virtual participation in district conference, the gathering, and other district events
  • Video record events such as licensing, ordination, and dedication services to share with others across the district on the website

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